Erin Malistaire
Times running out...
Tue Aug 26, 2014 23:10

Erin had been making her way to the theater to practice playing the piano, her stomach doing flips. It seemed like just a short amount of time had passed since she’d been Home. England. She missed the place she’d grown up, even the lesser Muggles who did nothing but irritate her. She even missed them.

She fought against showing how homesick she actually was. The trip home… to her new home in New York.. had seemed to cause more stress than it should’ve. Wouldn’t seeing her parents after three months away cause her to feel better?

How wrong she was. It was nothing but arguing. Her parents were fighting. Again. The last time they’d fought, she’d been about four years old, so she hardly remembered it. She had a feeling that it was the still semi-new place they lived in. Or the soon-to-be-born baby. She had thousands of questions she knew would never be answered.

Why had her father been transferred here? What was the point? Did American Wizards need help or something? Why did they need help? Is there something the rest of the world-- save the wizards working at an International level-- didn’t know about?

She stumbled into the theatre, schooling her expression to hide her shock at seeing the older Aquila cry. She felt herself internally scowl at his display of weakness. The eleven year old made her way over to him before sitting next to him.

“Is something the matter?” Erin asked, her voice quiet. It took, in her opinion, too much effort to speak loudly and pretend to care.

  • Tick TockKillian Walker, Tue Aug 26 13:12
    Killian shuffled quietly along the halls, the muffled noises of his feet and the sniffles coming from him were the only things to be heard. The teen was not sick, as he had claimed to few that had... more
    • Times running out... — Erin Malistaire, Tue Aug 26 23:10
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