Killian Walker and Serenity Locke
Violins and Guitars
Wed Sep 17, 2014 16:41

Name(s) of participant(s): Killian Walker and Serenity Locke
Act/submission/role in the show: Some Kind of Beautiful by Tyler Ward (ft. Lindsey Stirling)

  • Talent Show Signups, T18Co-director Garen Tennant, Tue Aug 19 10:52
    The poster was on the door of the theater. It changed colors every few minutes but was always a bright shade, to draw attention to the black type on it. RMI will be having a talent show this... more
    • Eh, why not?DeMarcus Brogren, Thu Sep 18 11:40
      Name(s) of participant(s):DeMarcus Brogren Act/submission/role in the show:Drums
    • Starting to hate you, Sister DearestAnthony Leppit, Wed Sep 17 16:51
      Name(s) of participant(s): Anthony Leppit Act/submission/role in the show: slavery tech, whatever you want.
    • Violins and Guitars — Killian Walker and Serenity Locke, Wed Sep 17 16:41
    • Ohey!Michael Lawrence, Jr., Wed Sep 17 15:46
      Name(s) of participant(s): Mikey Lawrence Act/submission/role in the show: Solo, "Heartbreak on Vinyl" by Blake Lewis
    • A duet!Olivia Knight and Demitri de Frere, Wed Sep 17 15:37
      Name(s) of participant(s): Olivia Knight and Demitri de Frere Act/submission/role in the show: Duet, "Everything Has Changed" by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran
    • A first preformancErin Malistaire, Mon Aug 25 08:39
      Participants: Samantha Knowles and Erinne Malistaire Show: playing the Piano & Violin
    • Trying something newBen, Thu Aug 21 14:54
      Name(s) of participant(s): Benjamin Adler, Hubert Act/submission/role in the show: Ventriloquism
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