Olivia Knight
This is what bliss looks like
Wed Sep 17, 2014 17:31

She sat on the edge of the stage and let her feet hang over, occasionally kicking absentmindedly and letting them fly like pendulums. Brown eyes gazed outward into the empty lush chairs of the audience, but they retained little of their promises. Olivia was lost in thought, her mind swirling, a startling contrast to the stark calmness of the nearly-empty room.

But on her mostly vacant face there was a smile. Olivia was happy.

It surprised her too, honestly. She had found such relief since that midterm feast. Having told Demitri all of her secrets, and in return hearing his, had left her feeling newly opened, and oddly euphoric about it. Demitri was a prince; she was a reject. But they both masqueraded as normal students. The fact was, they were not normal. The fact was, that was okay.

She had let him meet her family. The Draco got the feeling they had liked him, which was amazing because she definitely did. Her family getting along with her boyfriend, now that he knew about them, was vital. (And yes, Demitri was her boyfriend; she had finally built up the courage to say it, and she had taken his sheepish grin as satisfaction with the term.)

Being someone’s girlfriend was strangely exhilarating. Olivia enjoyed the title, really, and got a surprising amount of pleasure out of the relationship that had been absent before the employment of the titles. Not that it had not been fun, but this was… This was bliss.

She had been so happy to tell her friends all about it. Strawberry and Aoife were still easily her best friends, but she liked to consider herself pretty close with Patience and Finn as well. Having friends was nice, but having quality friends was even better, and hers were of very high quality, all four of them.

And so with all of these things going so well for her, Olivia was just.. so happy. She didn’t care about her parents or their mystery replacement daughter because caring and hurting would not make anything different. If they were happy, that was nice for them. She just hoped Amelia was happy too, since she would graduate soon and probably get married. Olivia had heard that was what their oldest sister had done. She hoped Alexandra was happy too.

She wasn’t really sure why she had picked the theatre, but since being here usually made her happy, it felt like a good place to go when she was already happy. Maybe it would magnify her joy even further. Merlin, Olivia wasn’t sure if she could even handle that idea! But since it was a public place, she had no guarantee of being alone with her happiness.

Sure enough, she spied a person entering the back of the audience. “Hello!” she called cheerily. “Did you want the stage? I can move out of your way if you’d like!” From the distance she could not identify to whom she was speaking, but if they were entering the theatre, it was most likely they wanted to utilize its stage space.

OOC: Godmodding of Demitri approved by his author.

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