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Thu Sep 16, 2010 23:53

Brilliant idea to present stories this way, especially with such a good voice. Easy to understand and the story is atmosphericly read.

Did I hear a little water fountain in the background?

  • My podcast is ready to download! - Ainttellin, Thu Sep 16 04:43
    Hey all not sure how on or off topic this might be. It is kind of related to stripping and Nude In Public in a round about way I suppose... Anyway my first podcast is finally done and ready to... more
    • Cool! - iionly, Thu Sep 16 23:53
      • Episode 2 of my podcast is up! - Ainttellin, Sat Oct 2 07:59
        Ardor NIP, CFNM, Femdom stories and now a podcast!
      • Re: Cool! - Ainttellin, Fri Sep 17 04:11
        Thanks :-) Glad you liked it :-) Yes! That is a water fountain you heard. I can't believe you picked that up. I'll have to shut it off for the third recording (already finished the second). The... more
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