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Two things...
Fri Sep 24, 2010 01:44

First, the ASN story board and also the other ASN discussion board are both solely managed by IndianOutlaw. Therefore I can't say for sure what's going on if there's a technical issue or not.

Secondly, I might have an idea what might be current "problem" with posting at the story board. So far, posting as a guest was possible, i.e. you could enter an author name for your postings freely. Maybe IO disabled the posting permission for guests at least for the moment due to the recent massive trolling attacks where someone used the alias names of regular posters to post fake comments, e.g. replying to your recent story.

I've got an account here at my discussion board necessary to administrate it and I just noticed that this account is now also used automatically when I try to post a message at IO's boards. While I don't have admin permissions there I seem to be able to post comments. I could log in using this account already before, but I'd never been logged in automatically before.

If you have an account you have a fixed username - author name - and I believe you also need to give an email address to create the account. It's possible to create one account for all yourwebapps discussion boards. The posting permission for registered accounts can be set separately. Maybe that's the only option to post at IO's story and discussion boards right now.

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    I've tried three times today to post on your story board and each time it won't let me. I click on the post message button and nothing happens. Is this a technical fault or is there some other... more
    • Two things... - iionly, Fri Sep 24 01:44
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