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Voting has started.
Thu Nov 11, 2010 22:15

We got 9 stories from 6 authors for the Halloween story contest - and very good stories indeed! The voting has started now. Drop in at to read the stories, to comment and to vote for your favorite.

  • The 3rd story contest has started at the BCii. This time the theme is "Halloween night". All details about the contest at
    • Voting has started. - iionly, Thu Nov 11 22:15
      • Any winner yet? - Hooked6, Mon Dec 20 20:09
        Has an official winner of the Halloween Story Contest been named yet? Just curious as it was hard for me to tell at the Beach Club with the restart and all.
        • Just announced the winner - iionly, Tue Dec 21 01:22
          Karen won the contest. This time we had quite few votes. I guess partly due to the restart of the poll. Hopefully, there will be more votes again next time - I just have to come up with a contest... more
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