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Uploaded True Story at Beach Club
Mon Dec 20, 2010 20:08

FYI, I uploaded a TRUE STORY at iionly's Beach Club of how I made a dissolving bikini for an unknowing girlfriend of mine that resulted in her naked exposure at a public beach. The file contains my account of how I did it along with a YouTube "how to" video link inspiring my prank as well as my girlfriend's account of what happened and how she felt.

Side note: in real life things don't always turn out like you expect them to. For my girlfriend they were even better.

Interested in any feedback.

    • Thanks - iionly, Tue Dec 21 01:25
      I hope I will have the time to read it soon. Next week at the latest during a hopefully relaxing Holiday season.
      • I hope I did it right - Hooked6, Tue Dec 21 13:16
        Thanks iionly. I hope I posted it in the right place as I am still learning my way around The Beach Club (a tad confusing for novices I think). I put it in the files section. If you think it should... more
        • Re: I hope I did it right - iionly, Tue Dec 21 22:58
          I guess it really can be confusing with the general files section and the separate groups' files sections. Unfortunately, the latter is not possible without the general files section. True story... more
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