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Re: I hope I did it right
Tue Dec 21, 2010 22:58

I guess it really can be confusing with the general files section and the separate groups' files sections. Unfortunately, the latter is not possible without the general files section. True story group might have been better, but it's okay. Others mix it up, too. I can't move files either. I could only repost it. But I think it's okay to keep it as it is. Thanks again for your contribution.

  • I hope I did it right - Hooked6, Tue Dec 21 13:16
    Thanks iionly. I hope I posted it in the right place as I am still learning my way around The Beach Club (a tad confusing for novices I think). I put it in the files section. If you think it should... more
    • Re: I hope I did it right - iionly, Tue Dec 21 22:58
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