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checking regularly
Sat Aug 6, 2011 17:20


I appreciate that You still keep your discussion board. But You know that even when the IO's one was closed not so many of visitors knew about yours. I am behind ( by the way beacuse of your ted longest post I got stuck with ) with story board so I can see that many users just used the story board in a way the discussion one was expected to.

And Thank You for coccozella - I don't even imagine how You can run a very well maintained site for such a long time. Every one of us have to fight spam and other unowanted activity on mailboxes and I imagine that running the site is ten or more times harder and time consuming. And depsite of it you are active on other forums. I'd have had to make a carbon copy of me to face the task.

  • Thanks Cariny. - iionly, Mon Aug 1 22:34
    I was worried the board wouldn't receive any new postings anymore at all. Hopefully it will give me the impulse to finally read my first ASN board story this year...
    • checking regularly - aqg, Sat Aug 6 17:20
    • Even though . . . - Hooked6, Wed Aug 3 03:25
      Even though there may not have been many (any) new posts here for a while, I'm sure some of us loyal iionly fans still check the board regularly. You've done a lot for this genre of writing and I for ... more
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