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New home: AllCMNF forum and story archive is back online
Sat Feb 20, 2016 21:17

The AllCMNF forum is now hosted at

The story archive still contains all the stories formerly posted and (read) access to the archive is possible for everyone. The other sections of the forum are now only available for logged-in members. If you have registered an account before, you will still be able to log in with it. Currently, you can register also new accounts (activation by email validation). Hopefully, the spammers will stay away but in case the number of newly registered spam accounts gets too high I would have to switch to created account by (email) request again.

The only content I couldn't rescue from the old forum location are the profile images formerly uploaded. In case you had a custom image used as avatar, please upload a profile image again.

Feel free to post your CMNF, CFNF, ENF content. I would also be happy about any stories posted.

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