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Some quotes...
Tue May 20, 2014 21:25

Below are some quotes from John E. Skoglund’s review in newspaper NSD after the anniversary concert on Sunday:

”The Sunday’s event at the House of Culture is a celebration of the human voice and how it can sound in beautiful combination with others and on it’s own”

”...and of course it’s Helen Sjöholm the choir has been waiting for. And when she appears, she does it with a vengeance”

”...and together with Martin Östergren behind the grand piano, one of the evening’s many fine moments is created”

”Martin’s musical settings of Shakespeare’s sonnets are absolutely magnificent”

”The first act ends with a magical gospel fragrant interpretation of Laleh’s Vårens första dag. The same great interplay between the chorus and the soloists are retained in the second act, opening with Ted and Kenneth Gärdestad’s Come give me love and Olle Adolphson’s Siv och Gunne, where the interaction between Helen and the chorus is on top. The concluding song trio Hemma from Kristina från Duvemåla, Gabriellas sång from as it As it is in Heaven, and Du är min man are all crowd-pleasing favorites that become a pleasant ending to a pleasant anniversary spring concert“.


  • Några citat...Maria, Tue May 20 21:01
    Här följer några citat ur Johan E. Skoglunds recension i Norrländska Socialdemokraten (NSD) efter söndagens jubileumskonsert: "Söndagens tilldragelse i Kulturens Hus är en hyllning till den mänskliga ... more
    • Some quotes... — Kristina, Tue May 20 21:25
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