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Press conference today (09/09)
Tue Sep 9, 2014 16:53

there are 3 photos of a press conference held today at Cirkus - with Helen posing for photos among the others.
Now I hope for some nice articles and photos in the newspapers, the sooner the better, and hopefully available also online.

    • Re: Press conference today (09/09)Maria, Wed Sep 10 00:11
      Thank you very much, Tina! Here is a short video from today (Thanks, Jennie!) Älskad film blir musikal Too late for more English... På hemsidan för SVT:s regionala nyheter - ABC finns också ett... more
      • Rehearsal clips from the musical!Kristina, Wed Sep 10 09:16
        In the previous post there's a link called "Schlager och utanförskap i stor musikalsatsning" (Hit songs and exclusion in a big musical) and in that clip you find bits of two songs with Helen, first... more
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