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The musical has premiered!
Sun Sep 14, 2014 15:54

The premiere and first weekend of "Life is a hit song" has passed and the show is now up and running.
I apologise to the English speaking visitors of this site as I have not had the time to post anything translated for you during these first days.
Below I'll give you a few quotes from som of the reviews.

Dagens Nyheter likes the musical as a whole and writes
"...this is truly a musical that manages to be both professional and inclusive, comical and deadly serious at the same time."
" is also the dynamic – the oscillations between tears and laughter - that makes this contemporary tale so strong. Life is not a hit song - life is a very, very wonderful musical by Jonas Gardell."

Gefle Dagblad thinks that Helen is delightful as Mona and that there are "brilliant song performances as expected by Sjöholm and Jöback – as though made for each other, like one of the underlying messages of the musical."

The praise continues as Corren says
"Helen Sjöholm is outstanding in her demanding role where she is on stage virtually the whole time. Not only does she have to nail the high notes, but also act in long spoken sections. Not surprisingly, she manages everything superbly."

QX magazine raises Peter Jöback to the skies, but also gives Helen high praise saying
"she shows that she might very well be Sweden’s best singer."

On the front page there's a link to newspaper Expressen's premiere photos. I also recommend checking out Livet är en schlager's facebook site, twitter and instagram for more photos from these first shows.

And if you get any chance to see this musical - take it. That's my main recommendation :-)


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