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Important information!
Tue Sep 16, 2014 23:30

This forum will close very shortly, and be replaced by a closed Facebook group. The details are currently being worked out, but in all likelihood it will happen this week. The group might turn out to be detached from this site, and in that case there will be no link to it from the site. But if you search for "Helen Sjöholm" on Facebook, it should appear, after this forum has closed of course.

Though this decision has not been made by the staff of this site, we apologise for the short notice and any inconvenience.


  • Obs! Forumet kommer att stängas!Maria, Tue Sep 16 19:20
    Inom kort kommer detta forum att stängas, och ersättas av en sluten Facebookgrupp. Detaljerna kring detta är inte klara ännu, men troligen sker det redan under denna vecka. Det kan bli en helt... more
    • Talking Helen SjöholmMaria, Mon Sep 22 08:13
      Facebookgruppens namn är "Talking Helen Sjöholm" och just nu väntar den bara på en sista språklig koll innan den kommer att vara sökbar i Facebbok. Förhoppningsvis kommer den att vara sökbar redan... more
      • Re: Talking Helen SjöholmMaria, Mon Sep 22 15:04
        The name of the new Facebook group is "Talking Helen Sjöholm" and it will be searchable in Facebbok tonight. It will be a closed group, so you have to specify that you wish to become a member, and it ... more
    • Important information! — Kristina, Tue Sep 16 23:30
      • Re: Important information!Chuck, Fri Sep 19 01:39
        Well, I will miss the Forum. Though it has not had a lot of discussions, it is excellent for making announcements about Helen and what's new on the website. Not everyone is on facebook.
      • Re: Important information!Tina, Thu Sep 18 22:59
        I really hope you leave all the (old) entries in this forum website - and just do not have it open for new posts. Otherwise A LOT will get lost!
        • Re: Important information!Maria, Fri Sep 19 06:15
          I will delete the link to the forum this weekend, but the URL will not disappear until later. WebApps must delete it, and they were very slow last time... //Maria
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