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Professor Guinevere Starra
DIvination Classes
Sat Apr 16, 2016 22:50

Hello to all my future Students I would like to properly introduce myself I will be taking over as the current Divination Instructor My name is Guinevere Starra please call me Professor Starra unless given permission otherwise. I am here to help you discover how the future will unfold and to see with your inner eye. Some of you might think this class is a load of manure but I'm here to show you otherwise there is much more to the art of Divination than meets the eye. I would not just hand you a crystal ball and expect you to see something no first we need to open your mind up let your inner self reveal the unknown to you. This is no short process and will cover most of your first grading period. Most of your first grading period will be about the theory and history of Divination. It will take a while before we move on to anything practical.

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