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Aunty Shan
Role Playing Aunty
Sun Feb 10, 2013 08:42

A couple of questions I was asked and have been queried since:-

Do you take your nephews/nieces over your knee naked? Will you undress me?

Aunty Shan would definitely not have you undressed/fully naked over her knee or in any other position, this doesn't work within a domestic scene of Aunty/nephew for me at all, undergarments will always come down anyway. Neither would Aunty Shan be nude, or in any state of undress she always wears suitable clothing for her role as this depicts someone in control of the situation, an authoritative figure, think how your own Aunty would have dressed! Aunty Shan loves to wear her slippers, mules or scholls for most of her Aunty role plays!

Aunty Shan enjoys disciplining naughty nephews/nieces in a way that is as close to what would have happened years ago but as we are now adults (i.e you are not young any more) one has to understand that some positions aren't always feasible and there will never be anything of a sexual nature in any scenario you view, as we are attempting to depict scenes close to realism. Aunty does not adopt positions that she thinks are uncomfortable for the spankee or that she personally finds unappealing to herself, such as legs wide apart or any position that displays your genitalia (she does not hold it in any high regard), that is not why she is into this scene or role playing Aunty!

Aunty states "I personally enjoy spanking/C.P. that being; acting the role of an authoritarian and administering discipline as and when I feel a need to do so, it has nothing to do with fully dressing or fully undressing a consenting adult to get to that stage. If the Spanker is in a state of undress or wearing nothing at all that takes away the control they have, I am a real life Aunty and mother therefore, I do draw upon experiences from this side to inject a sense of realistic role playing to my Auntie scenes. Put quite simply I love spanking, slippering, caning etc; naughty adult bottoms that deserve it!"

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