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Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:20

Hi david

Hope I am not speaking out of turn with regards to Aunty Shan but she has posted on here already the fact she has added and is adding photos to her blog, there are already quite a number featuring a lot of her slippers and her using them.

There are several links on these posts, in her twitter feed at the top and at the bottom of the page on here to direct you to them.

Apologies Aunty Shan if I am out of line.


  • fluffy blue retro slippers - david, Tue Feb 12 05:11
    Hello Auntie Shan, i so miss your web sites especially the slipperings. Do you plan to show any photos of you wearing and using your fluffy blue retro mules ? I am so deeply sorry that you gave up... more
    • Aunties blog - Bill, Wed Feb 13 19:20
      Playing catch up with all your posts on your blog Aunty Shan, at the top of your tumblr is 'Archive' I found it great help in finding all your slipper and slippering photos. Scrolling down there's... more
      • Re: Aunties blog - Aunty Shan, Fri Feb 15 14:14
        Hiya Bill Yes, I have to admit to using that very same archive button to look what pics I have already added. Am working my way through loads of discs, so there will be loads more piccies going on... more
    • errr! - justin, Tue Feb 12 10:20
      • Re: errr! - Aunty Shan, Wed Feb 13 09:30
        Hello justin I don't believe you were speaking "out of turn", as you state you are only reiterating what I have already posted myself anyway :) lubs Aunty Shan xxx
      • Re: errr! - Anonymous, Wed Feb 13 03:36
        Sorry if i have offended anyone as this was not my intent,especially you Auntie Shan, i will withdraw my subscription immediately. Regards David.
        • Re: errr! - Aunty Shan, Wed Feb 13 09:34
          Hello David Your original post didn't cause me any offence at all nor anyone else from what I have read. In my reply to justin I assume he was saving me having to repeat myself and only recapping on... more
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