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Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:12

Aunty Shan it is a certainty that I'll be in trouble, as you know me and good behaviour don't go together and you always find fault with my behaviour anyway but can you leave the stingier ones in the box please, especially those horrid green ones!

x t (S)

  • Re: Worn smelly but so, so stingy! - Aunty Shan, Wed Feb 13 09:36
    Well, titch you are correct in the fact that had you called them that you would have been in trouble! However, you know only too well that if they are sold there are several other pairs that are... more
    • Trouble! - titch, Wed Feb 13 10:12
      • O! Dear - Aunty Shan, Wed Feb 13 11:20
        Isn't that just a shame, you probably won't believe this but I have this moment come from my slipper storage place after seeking out a pair of mule slippers BUT whilst I was there delving into the... more
        • Too late for sorry? - titch, Wed Feb 13 11:38
          Oh dear Aunty Shan, I don't like the sound of that! Maybe somebody will buy the lot I suppose it's too late to say I'm sorry I was naughty! I'd better get my soft cushion ready to sit on!
          • A Cushion!! - Aunty Shan, Wed Feb 13 15:40
            Far too late I'm afraid! You won't have the luxury of a soft cushion afterwards either *wg Aunty Shan xxx
            • Snow shifting! - titch, Wed Feb 13 16:19
              Why am I not surprised that Aunty Shan wont let her nephews off lightly, no soft cushion. If we still have snow I could go and sit in it, if I know you and how hot I'll be, the snow won't last long
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