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Aunty Shan
Jodhpurs and riding crops :)
Fri Mar 15, 2013 19:26

As I informed you the other day that I would tell you about a certain naughty nephew.

I have recently taken up horse riding at Mrs King's Stables, some of you will be familiar with her already. Anyhow, whilst I was up there putting the saddle on my chestnut mare and chatting to Mrs King, we both heard a boys' voice coming from the yard. Mrs King went off to locate the voices owner, I was sure I recognized this voice thus moved closer to the stable door without being seen, sure enough it was my nephew. He was asking Mrs King if she had any jobs available, which I thought was very innovative of him, I couldn't have felt prouder at that point, that is until he totally spoilt it! Mrs King quite kindly said that she could use another helper to muck out the stables, my nephew replied with something I shall not repeat for your ears! Suffice to say I was not impressed at his outburst let alone the use of such language. Mrs King returned tutting about the youth of today and how ill mannered they were. I nodded and agreed, not letting on that I knew the lad.

We saddled up, along with several other ladies from the community and started off on our trek around the tracks and fields. Off down the track towards the village, along here we could see several lads sitting atop the five bar gate into Farmer Brown's orchard, as we came closer I saw that my nephew was amongst these unsavoury boys. A little closer and suddenly we were bombarded with a tirade of profanities, again I will not digress what these were to your own delicate ears, let's say they were rather derogatory to some of the ladies. My nephew did not see me, as I was on the other side plus my riding hat was quite low. One of the ladies shouted that she would get off her horse and use her riding crop on them, at this point the lads ran off into the orchard.

As we rode on the ladies were discussing that boys nowadays get away with far too much and in their day they would have got a well deserved thrashing, once again for fear of embarrassment I didn't let on that my nephew was amongst them, seething though I was and to be quite honest would have happily had him bend over right there and then for each lady to punish him, had he not ran off.

Upon my return home, I removed my riding boots and donned my slippers awaiting my nephew to return. He came into the front room and I queried his whereabouts sure enough he told me he had been up to Mrs Kings' Stables looking for work but he embellished a little. I put him straight, as it dawned on him I had been present. I informed him that I was also there when passing the orchard, of course he denied being there and a full blow lecture ensued before he was told to remove his trousers and go over my knee!

I pointed out two riding crops I had loaned from Mrs King and told him they would be used on his posterior. I do believe he was quite shocked at hearing this, you see I have only ever spanked, slippered and used my hairbrush on him in the past. So, once over my knee I did spank him, I removed my slipper (the turquoise ones) and gave him quite a few whacks with this prior to making him lay on the sofa with his pants down, his bottom up in the air and I laid rather a lot of strokes on his red bottom with both the riding crops.

I must admit they did seem to do the trick, especially the second one as he was wriggling about as if a bee was stinging his bottom. Afterwards I told him he must go to see Mrs King and apologise to her, then visit each of the ladies and apologise to them for his language and that he was very lucky I hadn't washed his mouth out with soap before I started!

I shall of course speak to Mrs King and inform her that it was my nephew, that he has been adequately punished and if she would be kind enough to allow him to muck out her stables, she can reprimand him herself should she feel a need to do so.

All in all a rather pleasing outcome I feel :)

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