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Belated birthday wishes
Sat Mar 16, 2013 03:22

Aunts Shan, I have only just seen that it was your birthday a few weeks ago. I must be getting old because I missed it. Hopefully my omission will not result in a hot bottom as I really don't wish to tire you. Being only 10 middle age does seem quite a long way away, and your arm will tire more quickly now so don't worry that you will hurt my feelings if you don't use those slippers your naughty nephews forgot to buy you to paint my little bottie your fave route shade of red.

Lubs Mario

  • Re: Happy Birthday - Aunty Shan, Wed Mar 6 14:49
    I had a super day thank you. Unfortunately, I didn't get a new pair of slippers though some would say I don't need anymore, I always need them lol Lubs Aunty Shan xxxx
    • Belated birthday wishes - Mario, Sat Mar 16 03:22
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