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Re: Outdoors...
Wed Dec 4, 2013 04:15

I've seen women wear slippers outside in a range of conditions:
- where they've been in good condition;
- where the outer fabric has gone or is unravelling at the toe (and sometimes at the side by the little toe) but there is still foam or white lining showing and not a hole right through;
- where one or both slippers has small holes right through at the toes; sometimes it's a cluster of two or three small holes around the big toe, and sometimes just a single hole. Usually there's quite a lot of fluffy frayed dabric around each hole, and if the slippers continue to be worn the holes merge together over time:
- where the toes are right out- a big hole cleaned out around the big toe and sometimes the second toe too, fully exposed with no remaining fabric or lining in that area.

The condition of the sole depends on the slipper. For full fur slippers, usually about the same time the upper fabric starts to go, the beige bottom layer of the sole wears through at the front, at the ball of the foot, and at the heel. Then its anything from exposed coloured sponge rubber to cardboard lining showing, to holes right through. When these were commonly worn outside you'd often see where the sole had worn totally away from the front, back to about two inches from the front to leave a big gap exposing the lining or foot; almost always partnered with toe holes through the fabric on top. They looked great and were often worn that way for the best part of a year- always sad when they got replaced. Still occasionally seen today, but rare.

  • Outdoors... - Aunty Shan, Fri Jul 30 17:04
    Hiya all Just had to share this info with you, as we talk alot about women not wearing their slippers outside like they used to. Today I was walking up into the village with my daughter, as we walked ... more
    • Re: Outdoors... - Anonymous, Wed Dec 4 04:15
      • Re: Outdoors... - Aunty Shan, Mon Dec 9 08:37
        Those were the days ...... They don't make them like they used to, I have a pair of slippers that the toe has worn through and you can now see my big toe nail but the soles look like brand spanking... more
        • Re Outdoors - Anonymous, Mon Dec 9 10:11
          Hi Aunty Shan Sorry to hear the soles aren't wearing as fast as you would like! Holes in the toes are great though! Keep wearing and the soles will eventually go. Do you remember if the lady you saw... more
          • Re: Re Outdoors - Aunty Shan, Sat Dec 14 07:39
            Lol I really don't think the soles will go, unless I get the grinder out on them that is, there is a photo of them on my twitter page showing the soles. I recall that the slippers she wore were... more
    • Outdoors - Anonymous, Tue Dec 3 18:27
      Do you remember any more about these slippers- style, colour, pattern? Were the holes in the toes big ones or small holes with toes just starting to poke through?
    • Slippers - Supermario, Sun Aug 1 14:54
      I am having dreams about being bare assed over aunty Shan's knee while she uses her slipper to turn my innocent bum into toast. Aunty Shan, why do mom's and aunty's always tell us that this will hurt ... more
      • Re: Slippers - Aunty Shan, Sun Aug 8 11:09
        Because mario they love and care about you therefore, they use that phrase, due to them knowing the emotional effect it has upon them is worse than the pain you feel from the slippering which wears... more
        • Don't do it! - titch, Mon Aug 9 13:20
          Aunty Shan I'm sorry to hear that you'd rather not slipper your nephews and here's me thinking you enjoyed it! Stupid boy! anyway it doesn't seem to stop the mischief so if you'd feel better, don't... more
        • hurts! - Supermario, Sun Aug 8 17:45
          Aunty Shan, I take your comment knowing therefore that the next time I see you I am going to be sore but also knowing you still love your very naughty nephew very much. As a naughty boy I have often... more
    • Wear - titch, Sat Jul 31 09:41
      Hiya Aunty Shan I wouldn't mind betting (if it were allowed) that the sole on that ladys slippers doesn't see as much variety of action as the sole on your slippers!
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