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Aunty Shan
Re: Re Outdoors
Sat Dec 14, 2013 07:39

Lol I really don't think the soles will go, unless I get the grinder out on them that is, there is a photo of them on my twitter page showing the soles.

I recall that the slippers she wore were really shabby but no holes in the toes. I wonder if it has something to do with the length of the big toe nail which wears that part through quicker and if you keep your toenails really short they don't rub against the material as much, just surmising with how fast mine wore through as my toenails are quite long. Mind that being said I have other pairs that haven't worn through there, so it could just be the upper material or a cunning ploy to get you to replace them faster lol

Aunty Shan

  • Re Outdoors - Anonymous, Mon Dec 9 10:11
    Hi Aunty Shan Sorry to hear the soles aren't wearing as fast as you would like! Holes in the toes are great though! Keep wearing and the soles will eventually go. Do you remember if the lady you saw... more
    • Re: Re Outdoors - Aunty Shan, Sat Dec 14 07:39
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