Aunty Shan
Re: Copyright
Thu Sep 18, 2014 09:40

Hiya Anon

Thank you for your honest reply :) I dare say there are many people out there who have also done the same with any photos on the internet, mistakingly thinking as they are in a public domain they have every right to do so but that is not the case and they could find themselves up against a lawsuit.

I am fine with people reblogging, posting my images as long as they leave my copyright details on as I am sure other producers are, they are taken for the purpose of displaying to like minded people and sharing our enjoyment to others, all we ask is for viewers to give credit to those who take the time and effort to produce them :)

I won't be setting up another tumblr page as they did say it would be deleted if I did, and tbh all the hardwork that went into adding images and text was deleted along with it, which irritated me more than them deleting it lol I will add photos and post on my twitter page as and when I have the time to do so though :)

  • Re: Copyright - Anonymous, Thu Sep 18 07:25
    hi aunty shan i do miss your tumblr page so much and totally agree the credit should be all yours with copyright as it is your work and is your property. i have rebloged your pics direct from you and ... more
    • Re: Copyright - Aunty Shan, Thu Sep 18 09:40
      • Re: Copyright - Anonymous, Fri Sep 19 09:09
        hi aunty shan sorry about my reply to you coming up anon. im sorry to hear you wont be back on tumblr. i know for a fact that you will be sorely missed i have been a fan of your work ever since i... more
        • Good old days! - Aunty Shan, Fri Sep 19 10:57
          I still check the soles of any slippers I buy now and promptly put them back on the shelf if they have those stupid material with the little dots on the soles, they are not good for using (too soft)... more
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