Re: Copyright
Fri Sep 19, 2014 09:09

hi aunty shan

sorry about my reply to you coming up anon.
im sorry to hear you wont be back on tumblr. i know for a fact that you will be sorely missed i have been a fan of your work ever since i discovered how to find slippers on the net.
i have loved slippers from early as i can remember in my childhood and that is pre school years for sure.
i love your slippers as they do remind me of the good old days when slippers were bought more for discomfort of bottom rather than comfort of foot lol.
i well remember those slipper shopping trips when my mum would look at a slipper and promptly turn it over to check out the sole then it would go through vigorous testing, flexing bending it double weight that was all done before it got anywhere near her foot lol and the other women would be doing the same and and i would exchange knowing looks with them and their kids as we all knew what they were buying the slippers for lol.
thanks very much for the fantastic slipper and slippering photos you have posted and i hope to purchase more of you dvds at some point i loved naughty nephew.
well bye for now and good luck with everything you do.



  • Re: Copyright - Aunty Shan, Thu Sep 18 09:40
    Hiya Anon Thank you for your honest reply :) I dare say there are many people out there who have also done the same with any photos on the internet, mistakingly thinking as they are in a public... more
    • Re: Copyright - Anonymous, Fri Sep 19 09:09
      • Good old days! - Aunty Shan, Fri Sep 19 10:57
        I still check the soles of any slippers I buy now and promptly put them back on the shelf if they have those stupid material with the little dots on the soles, they are not good for using (too soft)... more
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