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Don't do it!
Mon Aug 9, 2010 13:20

Aunty Shan I'm sorry to hear that you'd rather not slipper your nephews and here's me thinking you enjoyed it! Stupid boy! anyway it doesn't seem to stop the mischief so if you'd feel better, don't worry I'll forgo the slippering to save my lovely Aunty any undue stress! Such a thoughtful nephew.

  • Re: Slippers - Aunty Shan, Sun Aug 8 11:09
    Because mario they love and care about you therefore, they use that phrase, due to them knowing the emotional effect it has upon them is worse than the pain you feel from the slippering which wears... more
    • Don't do it! - titch, Mon Aug 9 13:20
    • hurts! - Supermario, Sun Aug 8 17:45
      Aunty Shan, I take your comment knowing therefore that the next time I see you I am going to be sore but also knowing you still love your very naughty nephew very much. As a naughty boy I have often... more
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