Try this instead
Mon Aug 12, 2019 09:50


Bookmark that link and see what you think of it. I like it at first try out it seems very much like this one. I found it thanks to someone who also uses this and also had bad luck finding equally simple sites.

I was really not happy with the previous site. Its various settings and controls arent always explained nor were they intuitive to use.

Its the lack of helpful admin that was the final straw.

  • I just... - sarge, Mon Aug 12 09:12
    ...did so under your last tile. It was successful after signing in, hitting the "no comments" thing under your text, adding my short test (no idea how large the field is, though) and hitting... more
    • Try this instead - mike, Mon Aug 12 09:50
      • I saw your comment but - mike, Mon Aug 12 10:02
        I've removed the site from my Toolbar and changed the links at the two Spectrum sites to the new one. I'll hold off erasing the last until I'm sure that I like this.
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