Madeleine change of message board
Tue Aug 13, 2019 09:27

In case you missed it, I am no longer going to use the 'new' blogspot site.

I am now using this one:- https://mb.boardhost.com/BikerMike/

Its much like this is, in appearance and function, I hope it works for you! They will email you message updates or you can use their RSS feed, or of course you can directly participate which is what I would prefer.

Its nice to read what other people think and have to say and it adds to the variety.

    • Made a few changes - mike, Tue Aug 13 10:37
      On the new message board. I changed it to white text on a black background because I find it easier on the eyes. I also added a view counter in pink that shows how many times a message has been... more
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