Hey Sarge! Waste not, want not
Thu Aug 15, 2019 08:20

I decided to keep on using the previous blogspot site but change its content to cope with my occasional outbursts of computer lunacy.

The reason being that most forums devoted to the ZXSpectrum don't allow off topic chats or if they do, the preference is to keep it short and sweet which isn't how I like things.

Some of the problems I would like people to help me with, cannot easily be explained in less than a couple of pages, for example, copied from my message at WoS:-

Again referring back to my college years, we were taught to always work out our program with paper and pencil, so the first step was to attempt to describe what you were hoping to achieve, it won't be very long before you realize that there's more to what you wanted to get than you first realized. The teacher made us describe the steps required to make a cup of tea, oh how I remember that! I'd do it again for your amusement but it would fill too much space.


How to make a cup of tea.

You will require the following ingredients:-

A kitchen sink to pour waste water into
A pint of fresh water - from a faucet or bottled water
A kettle (If an electric kettle you must have a power supply to plug the kettle into. If a simple kettle - or a metal pot big enough to hold the water - you will also require a stove to heat the kettle or pan with)
A teapot - a china or metal container with a lid and a spout
A cup or mug per person
Teabags or loose tea at least 3 0z.
A tea spoon
A bowl of Sugar - granulated or cube form approx. 6 teaspoons in amount for two people
A container of milk at least a cup in quantity.
A kitchen timer set for 4 minutes or a watch or clock

The sequence of operations consists of:-

Bringing the water to a bubbling boil with steam arising

Taking the lid off the teapot and pouring in about a cup of the boiling water then putting the kettle back down. Turn off the stove or unplug the kettle.

Using a circular motion to let the hot water warm the teapot then pour it away into the sink.

Using either one teabag per person plus one more or one heaped teaspoon of loose leaves per person plus one more put the tea into the teapot.

Fill the teapot with the boiling water and replace the lid

Set the timer or watch the clock or watch until 4 minutes have elapsed. The tea is now brewed and ready to serve.

Pour the tea into the cup or mug leaving about 2cm of space to the top.

Add sugar to taste if required using the teaspoon and stir

Add milk if required adjusting strength of tea by amount of milk added using the colour as a guide. Dark brown is strong and light brown is milky, most prefer something in between. Stirring is optional usually not required.

The possibility of making a 'crap game' (yes the category exists) on the Spectrum in Basic using text entry to tell a robot to make a cup of tea.

As you can see, this requires a lot more discussion space than any forum would likely be willing to put up with.

So I then discovered that a couple of foreign blog/forum sites such as Planeta Sinclair https://planetasinclair.blogspot.pt/ which is actually very good, uses the same blog software as myself, so I thought it might not be a bad idea to at least attempt networking with them (this is for later when I've made sure I want to do this and put in the time necessary)

So in case you nuked it, here's the link


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