While this one survives...
Thu Aug 15, 2019 09:06

I'm going to use it for pretty personal exchanges between friends, well nothing embarassing, I mean just not for general public viewing.

Not that there's anything you're missing my general public because I'm quite capable of openly mentioning my embarassing personal problems without so much as a second thought.

This of course has always been a major problem with me as one of my oldest friends knows full well and I don't even know if he's still around, oh well, it was good knowing you and you set me a very good example even when 'lowering the tone'.

What with all this excess of LGBT nonsense floating about, this is probably going to sound all modern and appropriate although its more like "Kiss me Hardy". Poor sod, his dying wish was no doubt to imagine it was Lady Hamilton or his mum who was tucking him in for the long dark night of his soul.


Michael George Chaplin is (or was) about four years my senior, went to the same grammar school and was in the same Scout troop and a more thoroughly Good Chap you couldn't imagine.

I loved him - in a manly way let me hasten to add - thats why the Nelsonian aside above. He was like a big brother to me and he knew me very well indeed as is shown by these two remarks he made.

The first being:- Your epitaph will read 'He Meant Well'

The second on answering my knock on the door after an absence of several years :- "Oh God! Who have you pissed off THIS time?"

Extricating me from various situations was exasperatingly familiar to Mike who was always extremely gruff, even abrasive but a kind hearted man who set me a good example with his frank honesty, imagination and creativity which his father tried to suppress but still emerged triumphant in so many unusual manifestations.

Originally whilst his mother was alive, Mike wanted to be an artist but when she died from cancer whilst he was still a boy, something died inside him aided and abetted by his father who meant well if anyone did but went about it entirely the wrong way with a heavy handed authoritarianism which was rank hypocrisy considering his own rebelliousness in not following the family expectations.

The family lived right opposite our house and I spent a lot of time there because I liked them all equally. A more uniquely 'British' family it would be hard to imagine.

You know I really ought to write a story about that family - renamed of course - in fact the two streets myself and my friends lived on, the one connected to the other as an extension so that the two of them made a diagonal connecting the two main thoroughfares of the A10 and Station Road.

Brocks Barn 400 years later on another plane of time and space.

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