Hooray! I found another Kaywoodie
Thu Aug 15, 2019 18:03

MY oldest and most favourite briar pipe is a rustic Kaywoodie Saxon bent which also happens to have the largest bowl of my pipes. I really prefer briars although I still have my original corncob which has survived the abuse that sent the new ones into the bin within a few weeks.

Corncobs don't like being knocked out nor do they like getting too damp, at least I think that's what causes the bowl cracking though the knocking out loosens the stems. The best are the originals, they've gotten fancy with different shapes and names like the Mark Twain but the store bought standards are the cheapest and hold up the longest.

I also got a hardwood - type unknown - from Mississipi Meerschaum, nice lightweight little pipe with a slight bend, I really prefer bents to straights they stay out of the way and you can sniff the aroma better.

My remake of the blogger page has a large slightly out of focus picture of me with Kaywwodie in mouth. My way of sending a signal to the nosey parker ant enjoyment set.

Yes I'm probably hastening my demise, so where's there a problem? I'm 72 so two years ahead of the game the way I see it.

    • Yes please, how kind of you - mike, Thu Aug 15 19:58
      On no account go over $50 though. I absolutely refuse to pay more even if its a ruby encrusted meerschaum last owned by the Shah of Iran! That Kaywoodie retails for about $40 from Pipe and Cigars and ... more
    • I'll keep a sharp lookout... - Sarge, Thu Aug 15 19:15
      ...for what I would know as decent briars if you would like me to. I see them for sale at very attractive prices at the local "fleamarkets". I do know what makes a good candidate in a briar, nice... more
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