Yes please, how kind of you
Thu Aug 15, 2019 19:58

On no account go over $50 though. I absolutely refuse to pay more even if its a ruby encrusted meerschaum last owned by the Shah of Iran!

That Kaywoodie retails for about $40 from Pipe and Cigars and I only grabbed it at that price because its predecessor was such a good one.

  • Hooray! I found another Kaywoodie - mike, Thu Aug 15 18:03
    MY oldest and most favourite briar pipe is a rustic Kaywoodie Saxon bent which also happens to have the largest bowl of my pipes. I really prefer briars although I still have my original corncob... more
    • Yes please, how kind of you - mike, Thu Aug 15 19:58
    • I'll keep a sharp lookout... - Sarge, Thu Aug 15 19:15
      ...for what I would know as decent briars if you would like me to. I see them for sale at very attractive prices at the local "fleamarkets". I do know what makes a good candidate in a briar, nice... more
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