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I'm going blind
Tue Oct 18, 2016 16:27

I've noticed especially over the last month a decrease in visual acuity in my good eye, my left eye. My right eye is pretty worthless, but I've come to appreciate it never-the-less. I can at least read with it using a magnifying glass. Last 5 days or so, I've got this fog in my left eye rendering it pretty worthless. Visine eye drops seem to help, but not eliminate the problem. I don't think it's a cataract, but strongly suspect glaucoma. Earliest I could get an exam at the eye clinic in Columbus is next week and their glaucoma specialist is booked up for a month or two, but any eye doc can puff that little air puffer and do the glaucoma test.

I've been researching the medications. I have no insurance and won't be on medicare for another year, but there are drops available online for affordable prices. I've got to see what the doc says, though. Seems there are several types of glaucoma and different treatments for different types. It sucks though as I can't see well to shoot and it's the middle of bow season. I do have a red dot sight on my crossbow, my go play with it this afternoon as I want to hunt after that front blows through. I joined a dove hunting club, but I can't see the danged birds coming, so why bother?

Oh, well, the price of getting old, I guess, is all your parts going out. Thank GOD for modern medicine. At least there's treatments for some of those parts.

    • That sucks - Mike, Tue Oct 18 17:15
      I know I need new glasses since my prescription is years old but at least I dont yet have that problem although I have noticed an occasional sort of fog that doesnt go away even after washing out the ... more
      • Depends on where ya live. - Goose, Wed Oct 19 11:12
        Good clinics for the masses around Houston, but here there's the clinics in Columbus and Hallettsville, 20 mile drive. No shuttle service here, gotta drive on your own, but that's not a biggy unless... more
        • Re: Depends on where ya live. - roger, Thu Oct 20 06:56
          Medicare does pay for some eye exams, of course with a deductible. Of course, since it is a government program it is complicated to explain. I can't. I just know it pays most of my eye related stuff.
          • Too bad the exam can't wait a year - Goose, Thu Oct 20 09:50
            But, hell, I had to have a skin cancer removed a while back, out of pocket. Some things just can't be put off and I seem to be falling apart. We make too much income to qualify for Obama's... more
        • cloudiness - Rufus T. Firefly, Wed Oct 19 15:38
          I do see a retina Doc every year for my eye exam and check-up, and new prescriptions. Had a detached retina a ways back and once you've gone through getting a scleral buckle installed, one's... more
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