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I'm busy but not too much to thank Sarge
Thu Dec 1, 2016 08:20

and his missus for that delightful Christmas card, thanks very much mate and I particularly appreciate the sentiments expressed therein.

I'm currently up to my ears in programming and an interesting flow of correspondence from Russia, Czechoslovakia, Australia, Portugal and even Brazil, all of whom are high level programmers and willing to help a newbies struggles with ZXBasic. If I combined their numerous lengthy messages into book form I'd be in possession of some extremely valuable information.

Look, I KNOW nobody else gives a damn but technically speaking I think you might have at least some passing interest in this.

The Russians, in particular, are incredibly ingenious with software, using machine code to extract performance from the ZX80A chip that borders on the impossible (to believe).

My interest is in developing music programs and given whats been done and whats out there for running on a PC to be compiled into ZX code, one might well ask oneself, why bother? How the hell they can get multi-voiced instrumentals from a piezo electric beeper and often WITH high resolution animated color graphics running simulteneously, do you have any idea how amazing that is?

I've been burning the midnight oil reading up on assembler (m/c code) but its bloody tough work and though I can just about 'get' the basics now, I'm far from being able to write my own.

Brave little dog stood up to a roaming dobermann that growled at me. Interspersed herself between the dobie and I and proceeded to drive it off with a threat display that was impressively fierce.

Unfortunately the downside to this is that she's decided her role is to protect me from all canines whether aggressive or not and she's earning herself an unfortunate and entirely false reputation for being a savage dog. She's never bitten anyone or even snapped at them but she does a deep growl and raised hackles display thats pretty bloody scary.

We've got a bunch of busybody curtain lifters here, mainly retirees from New Jersey, bunch of arseholes, unfriendly, holier than thou stiffs.

Is it any wonder that I prefer the company of the dog?

    • EXAMPLE of ZX80 music - Mike, Thu Dec 1 08:30
      Remember, this is being driven by an 8 bit Zylog chip from the late 70's with a piezo electric monophonic sounder. Give it a chance, let it play for 5 mins or so even if you don't like electronic... more
      • A BIT more music! - Mike, Thu Dec 1 09:11
        So this is what I've been slaving away trying to master! 48k beeper music NOT made with a PC tracker either but directly hard coded into the Spectrum using Basic! They said it couldn't be done but it ... more
        • Re: A BIT more music! - roger, Sun Dec 4 15:13
          Mike, I have always found computer music to be interesting and appreciate what the programmers are able to do. Blows me away. But I don't like most of it. I wonder if that is because it can/will put... more
          • Genius level programmers Roger - Mike, Mon Dec 5 07:44
            I spent all day yesterday trying to program a glissando - i think thats the term, a continuous rising or falling note? You get a lot of it with synth music, its an eerie sound. On one corner of my... more
            • Re: Genius level programmers Roger - roger, Mon Dec 5 08:13
              I probably said it wrong. Electronic music is not the problem. the use of computers in music is. In the respect that a very small number of people or just one person can record all of the parts... more
        • One final note - no pun intended - Mike, Thu Dec 1 12:49
          I was just contacted by a Czech programmer who had posted a YouTube video 5 years ago and whom I thanked, subscribed to and 'Liked' even though I thought it most unlikely he'd ever see my comment.... more
          • I'm very glad... - Sarge, Thu Dec 1 18:12
   arrived and pleases. The sentiment is genuine, of course. I really have no knowledge of any of the computer stuff you've been posting other than on the most basic of terms. Now, animals and New ... more
            • Have a look - Sarge, Sun Dec 4 11:16
              Following on to this, I got a couple photos of the big ginger tom, Hobbes, in a good rousing pouncing game with the little Manx, Caledonia. Hobbes regulates the force and speed tailored to Caley,... more
              • Re: Have a look - roger, Mon Dec 5 07:57
                They look like fun.
              • Not at all - Mike, Mon Dec 5 07:32
                Lovely cat I can tell that from the photos, we had a huge ginger tom a long time ago, family cat, he was just like a dog followed me everywhere, waited for me to come home from school. Very... more
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