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A Happy Easter...
Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:45
2601:982:8200:5f50:895e:9971:b240:a266 all here. For those who don't do Easter, no worries.

For all I wish what Easter is intended to mean, without any evangelism implied (for you know evangelism really annoys me), that intention being "hope".

    • Easter et al - Rufus T. Firefly, Mon Apr 17 07:40
      For those that do or happy and enjoy the overindulgence of whatever food stuffs are traditional within your halls. We had the leftover steak finely chopped sautéed with onions and then... more
      • On getting stuffed - or reupholstered - Mike, Mon Apr 17 10:28
        Rufus said ' invaded my shop and forced me to clear a rather large space in my shop' HAH! One of the primary reasons why I have deserted the world of model railways for the last few years is because... more
        • My shop - Rufus T. Firefly, Mon Apr 17 17:17
          She very rarely ventures into it knowing all too well her own inadequacies there - it's alien territory for her. I can lock it but rarely do. Similarly, I stay out of her office and very, very rarely ... more
          • Moi aussi... - Sarge, Mon Apr 17 18:04
            Mine stays out of the shops, and me out of her craftroom. Her's is also a wreck that would make me crazy. Shared space does sometimes become a bone of contention, since her idea of clearing up is to... more
      • Ah yes... - Sarge, Mon Apr 17 08:01
        That would be the Marital "We", characterised by the following: She says, "We need to fix this chair (in this case)" Then, [i]you[/i] fix the chair, usually supervised. The Lady of the Manor here... more
        • the Marital "We" - Rufus T. Firefly, Mon Apr 17 17:23
          is not minded in the least - every time it gets used I simply hand her the tool she cannot use at all and step back motioning her to proceed w/o me, e.g., cutting a landscaping concrete paver in 1/2. ... more
          • Now that you mention it... - Sarge, Mon Apr 17 17:57
            ...I have four dining room chairs that need reassembled and caned. They were my great grandmother's and my Dad was doing them before Alzheimers put an end to it. Know any good caners up my way?
            • caning - Rufus T. Firefly, Tue Apr 18 09:32
              Up your way - no. Can be frightfully expensive - guy I knew over near Philly charged by the hole on the have woven stuff and that was 40+ years ago. I just got a book (remember when you learned... more
              • Next you're by... - Sarge, Tue Apr 18 10:49
                ...we'll have a look. There are two my Dad finished, two totally disassembled, and two in original condition, along with several rolls of cane he had bought for the purpose.
        • At least you don't have to deal with - mike, Mon Apr 17 10:09
          A computer dullard who constantly complains about real or perceived problems encountered whilst using Facebook which she insists has nothing to do with the Facebook attachments she inevitably clicks... more
          • Mike, Not really my business but how long have you two been together? Been with my wife 62+ years. Mostly but not all good. Surprised we made it this long.
            • I don't know Roger - mike, Fri Apr 21 08:18
              Fifteen years I believe and thats based on my ownership of my last bike which we bought in 2002 I think and I'm pretty sure our wedding was that same year but I may be off by a year or so.
    • And the same to you - mike, Sun Apr 16 20:21
      We didn't celebrate Passover - dunno how anyone can call that royal pain in the ass spring cleaning a celebration - nor did we celebrate Easter which apart from the childhood chocolate fest was never ... more
      • Re: And the same to you - roger, Mon Apr 17 10:01
        I got in lots of trouble in Sunday school for saying things like that.
        • So did I Roger - mike, Mon Apr 17 10:41
          I only kept attending church because you weren't allowed to use the Youth Group unless you were attending church regularly. Well, that's not entirely true, it was the theoretical rule but most didnt... more
      • I have the same reach... - Sarge, Sun Apr 16 21:30
        ...or lack thereof. I get the event, a revolutionary dubbed in by a traitor within his circle to the authorities he genuinely pissed off. They, the Romans, offed him in a most gruesome manner, though ... more
        • You said... - mike, Mon Apr 17 10:15
          'the Romans, offed him in a most gruesome manner, though no worse than what happened to treasonous types under the earlier kings of England for example.' I assume you refer to the 'blood eagle'? Nice ... more
          • The Norse... - Sarge, Mon Apr 17 10:45
            ...get credit for that one, of course. American children, the delicate little things (grin), never learned about the fate of the King of Northumbria (if I remember correctly), then later on what... more
            • Yes I've been watching Michael woods - mike, Mon Apr 17 11:26
              Videos in search of the dark ages, all those forgotten kings and heroes, lovely men like Erik Bloodaxe, Beowulf, etc. Nice views of England
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