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Bad news on the home front
Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:53

I wont shame the family member responsible but one of them is behaving very badly and causing pain and distress to their nearest and dearest.

This is affecting me greatly since I am really unable to help them out and my expressing my disappointment might push them over the edge as they just got admitted to hospital for having failed to take their own life by overdosing drugs.

Thats all I need to say as an explanation for my lack of writing and general depression which usually renders me into a zombie state thank God for dogs and wife no matter what I may occasionally grumble about.

No one needs to feel obliged to comment. I'm simply explaining my state of mind.

    • on the Home Front - Rufus T. Firefly, Mon Apr 24 09:09
      "I am really unable to help them out....." There is only so much that anyone can really do and accepting that is difficult. And it's a lot easier to say that to do as well.
      • Self destructive behaviour Rufus - mike, Mon Apr 24 09:50
        Is what lies at the root of the problem and the peculiar thing is that these outbreaks occur whenever the person in question has had a particularly successful turn of events in their admittedly... more
        • Self destructive behaviour - Rufus T. Firefly, Wed Apr 26 19:25
          There's very little that can really be done long-term about self destructive behavior, other than a full-time caretaker that can intercede as needed. You cannot blame yourself and looking for others... more
    • Re: Bad news on the home front - roger, Fri Apr 21 19:29
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