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Rufus T. Firefly
Thu Apr 20, 2017 18:27

    • Re: The FUKP - roger, Fri Apr 21 23:01
      Well. I think I heard some funny stuff there but my ears aren't fast enough for the accent. I will listen again sometime.
    • I don't get it - mike, Fri Apr 21 08:20
      I have no idea what's supposed to be funny about this nor do I understand the political aspect.
      • Mind you - mike, Fri Apr 21 08:26
        My funny bone is about as inoperative as can be at the moment for reasons already alluded to and just to cap this week I have to go see the quack and no doubt be informed I'm coming apart with all... more
        • This will explain it enjoyably - Sarge, Fri Apr 21 21:09
          • Thanks & Commiserations - Alex, Wed Apr 26 12:11
            Thanks to Sarge for posting the Al Murray video - he's never been my favourite comedian - but he does a good job at poking fun at some people who need it in this... And sorry to hear that you're... more
          • Thanks - mike, Sat Apr 22 09:42
            I'm grateful for the offer but in actual fact I'll feel a lot worse if I brood over the situation than if I just consign it to the subconscious clearing house to deal with in its own way at its own... more
            • Blood pressure - Alex, Wed Apr 26 12:22
              Your blood pressure is better than mine - which is usually about 140 /75, and it often takes two or three goes before it settles down to that level. I think it's called 'white coat syndrome' - don't... more
              • Re: Blood pressure - roger, Thu Apr 27 00:26
                I certainly never expected to make it to 82 but will be 83 in June. I don't know why. Don't think I am of use to anybody any more. Now don't take that as pity me. Just a statement of fact.
              • Yes isnt that ironic? - mike, Wed Apr 26 14:20
                'Hope I die before I get old' - The Who - My Generation Mind you I don't feel at all old yet. In pain yes, knackered yes, but at least my mind seems to be relatively unaltered, most of the bits still ... more
    • I like Al Murray... - sarge, Thu Apr 20 21:31
      He is hilarious, especially in his Publican setting. He does look like an old footballer, though...
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