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Fighting infiltration
Thu Jun 15, 2017 08:00

Yesterday I went to change a few settings in Norton to keep my wife out of some websites that invariably cause computer problems and on log in Norton informed me I was using the wrong password! Well there's a function in Norton that unusually allows you to see your password and the password that popped up isnt one of mine. So I went through a cycle of changing my password and damn it if the same wrong one didnt pop up again!

Since I'd completely reloaded all the software after that last denial ransom bug, I also bought a completely new Norton and therefore no trace of the original passwords should exist. Just to be safe though I'd gone into Control Panel and erased all the browser saves, cookies, passwords, history, the lot. Then this morning guess what, the same wrong password inserts itself and stops log in until I'd retyped the correct one.

So I have an uneasy suspicion about spyware being embedded somewhere except that if that was the case it would know the right password. So possibly this persistent wrong password is something Heather, the computers original owner, used for her Norton logins? Yeah but this wrong password substitution is a recent phenomenon. I'd been having no problems with it at all until the last week or so which coincides with Tammy using this machine.

If anyone was to open me up to invasion it would be Tammy who indiscriminately opens any attachments that pop up in Facebook sent by who knows who. Which is why I wanted to fine tune Nortons website barriers but after all those monkeyshines the page that allows you to block websites is mysteriously non functional which I find highly suspicious for a company whose lifeblood is security issues.

Now I'm wondering if I've been sending changes to a fake Norton website set up to phish for user info. Tammy's going into dangerous waters, she's deeply involved with every sort of anti-republican movement and it wouldnt surprise me to discover that some of these sites are fakes set up to bugger up those who seek to criticize the current administration.

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