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Well I'm screwed
Fri Jul 14, 2017 06:08

My computer died and I can't get into my Gmail account and fricking weeks worth of work has just vanished along with my latest programming efforts. This is my original little notebook and its going to croak anyday now takes ages to load any program despite my having done everything I can to clean up the drive.

Fortunately most of my writing is saved on USB memory sticks along with the Spectrum software and most of the fairly recent programs I wrote. So it could be worse and I can still use the really ancient desktop machine running XP to do my Spectrum development work on.

You can have no idea how much time all that took because to get a nice job on the Speccy requires running data through a laborious sequence of creation, compilation, compression software, so even a simple little application might have required a month of manipulating data.

I have GOT to get a new computer even if it means starving for a month.

    • No I'm not in fact I'm brilliant! - mike, Fri Jul 14 15:19
      By 2pm I was fed up. Really fed up. I thought what the hell if its died what can I lose? Out with screwdriver and away we go. Talk about an absolutely classic case of 'the computer has bugs' thats... more
      • That is brilliant... - Sarge, Fri Jul 14 16:07
        ...and bizarre all in one! Never heard of such a thing, but it works!
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