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Sun Aug 6, 2017 14:06

Okay I eventually just had to bite the bullet and make a start. The first installment of the new bit to go between school and the Western Front is titled NewToad 1A the next will be 2A and so on.

I wasn't ever going to break the log jam if I didn't write something - anything despite numerous misgivings about the details which I'll either ignore, fudge or cross that bridge when I come to it.

So here it comes only as a separate post

    • New Toad 1A - mike, Sun Aug 6 14:10
      Toad who had been determined to learn to fly despite his parents stringent objections had occasionally managed to find someone willing to take him for a short flight around the local air field. This... more
      • Nicely done... - Sarge, Sun Aug 6 19:07
        ...and welcome back. So far nothing of note to worry. Lets throw a little engine theory at you, so you can weave it in where it fits. One thing about in-line four-stroke engines is the matter, as you ... more
        • For clarity at the off... - Sarge, Mon Aug 7 07:19
          It occurs in my mind that these technical excursions might be construed as either timewasters, focus-destroyers, or the unwelcome scrutiny of the anorak. If there ever is any feeling of, "Oh God,... more
          • Not at all - mike, Mon Aug 7 12:08
            Quite the reverse! I've been keeping a tight rein on my personal preference for technical detail and discussion. BTW I think you misread that first part of the new story. I am emphatically not... more
            • I really can't say... - Sarge, Mon Aug 7 16:03
              ...regarding the rotary as a two stroke, because I am not all that conversant in two stroke engines, other than knowing they can be atmospherically sensitive, which is not a good thing regarding an... more
              • Theres a definite bias - mike, Mon Aug 7 19:33
                Amongst engineers against two strokes and its largely based on a chimera, thats to say the experiences from the past when technology wasnt up to the task. Since they do twice the work they have half... more
                • That being the case... - Sarge, Tue Aug 8 06:59
                  "I love them" should stick with that as a story element. However... I raise the question from a grave suspicion there must be a reason why, with all the advantages of weight and power output,... more
                  • Steambird - mike, Tue Aug 8 09:53
                    I have that book too. I know some British inventor did fit a steam engine into an airframe tethered to a short stretch of rail which developed enough lift to break free - if memory serves? Sir George ... more
        • Good! - mike, Sun Aug 6 20:00
          Our lad thinks two strokes are the best of all. Despite the problems of overheating and the difficulty of lubrication being adequate over the entire rev range he like Scott has already figured out... more
          • 2 stroke rotary - mike, Sun Aug 6 20:56
   I, like Toad, am a fervent admirer of two stroke engines. I have had some great motorcycles with 2 stroke engines and as in my story it occurred to me -... more
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