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2 stroke rotary
Sun Aug 6, 2017 20:56

I, like Toad, am a fervent admirer of two stroke engines. I have had some great motorcycles with 2 stroke engines and as in my story it occurred to me - ages ago - that a rotary engine was almost a 2 stroke given how it gets its mixture.

If I had the facilities and was a lot younger I would have liked to build myself a square four two stroke but Suzukis 750 water cooled triple was nearly as good as I'd have ever wanted anyway. It had tremendous torque and power and was raced successfully but as a touring bike for sidecar use it was unparalleled.

So I'm using this as basis for the story. I was astonished to discover the above video showing that theres nothing new under the sun and there was me thinking it was an original idea of my own!

  • Good! - mike, Sun Aug 6 20:00
    Our lad thinks two strokes are the best of all. Despite the problems of overheating and the difficulty of lubrication being adequate over the entire rev range he like Scott has already figured out... more
    • 2 stroke rotary - mike, Sun Aug 6 20:56
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