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Well that just makes things better
Tue Aug 8, 2017 14:15

Do you know that I hadn't considered those aspects of the changes in atmosphere that you spoke about? Should have done though but I simply dismissed it as a problem similar to that of changing weather whilst riding or driving, you know, hot days, cold days, wet days so what?

On the other hand a WW1 aircraft can only fly as high as its pilot can breathe so that helps keep the engine out of rarified air problems. However I'd be quite willing to experiment with oxygenating fuel, possibly water injection (remember that?) or peroxide or nitrous oxide.

After you start to travel down that road you are making life difficult for yourself unnecessarily however ingenious the result may be and at that point even I would have to admit that I might as well stay with the mainstream because the whole elegance of the piston port two stroke is in its simplicity.

  • For bikes and cars... - Sarge, Tue Aug 8 11:38
    ...I'm with you on two stroke being viable, and in some cases advantageous. Can't have rallyed a Saab 96 without marveling. I well remember the two vs four schools in bikes, though I understood my... more
    • Well that just makes things better - mike, Tue Aug 8 14:15
      • That's probably wise, BUT... - Sarge, Tue Aug 8 15:59 might not give up on the debate as a good character development tool. I suspect Colin, being the automobile fan, is a four cycle guy, and might hold user prejudices to that predilection. Then... more
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