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That's probably wise, BUT...
Tue Aug 8, 2017 15:59
2601:982:8200:5f50:8c16:3fbe:f27e:7cff might not give up on the debate as a good character development tool.

I suspect Colin, being the automobile fan, is a four cycle guy, and might hold user prejudices to that predilection.

Then Mike I mean Toad is a two stroke fanatic and holds his user prejudices just as firmly.

The arguments in the farmhouse at the airfield would be legion! Enter Wilkins who is the real engineer of the three, who can interject those questions of application, remind them this is now a three dimensional problem, ask Toad for an example of a two-stroke of over 100hp (other than compression ignition engines, are there any?) and calmly get them to consider the difference between argument and reasoning.

No-one has to answer the questions, but the development opportunities, especially establishing Wilkins as the steadying influence that grounds the imaginations and predjudices of the two young headstrong pilots, goes a long way to seasoning the characters of Toad and Bones as well as growing Wilkins into the sage stabilising Flight, a perfect foil to place with the lively minds of the other two, teaching them how to reason rather than just think.

An aside; Speaking as an old engineer, it usually is not a matter of predjudice (by the way) that leads us to support an engineering solution, especially when it turns out a universal one. It's more often good solid thought and some rather educational embarassment when a great theory collapses in experimentation because we forgot something or didn't take some element into account in the conditions. Physics is quite merciless about taking a chunk out of your arse. Grin!

  • Well that just makes things better - mike, Tue Aug 8 14:15
    Do you know that I hadn't considered those aspects of the changes in atmosphere that you spoke about? Should have done though but I simply dismissed it as a problem similar to that of changing... more
    • That's probably wise, BUT... - Sarge, Tue Aug 8 15:59
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