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Don't exceed 10 messages per topic
Tue Aug 8, 2017 16:46

Once it gets past the limit of ten messages per thread you start seeing messages like - 3 more comments - and its too easy to overlook them. I'm adding to your last response about the way the pros and cons will aid in character development and if you hadn't guessed I've decided that you are Wilkins (aka the Flight).

I'm not sure who I originally had in mind probably my old overseer from my printing apprenticeship, Eric Payne, an ex sergeant too, a tough taskmaster who didnt stand for any nonsense but was also a decent man who looked after his men. Eric lived twenty miles away and yet rode his 650 BSA A10 Gold Flash to and from work every day, wind, rain or shine (or snow). He taught me a lot about life as well as the job.

I wasn't given to automatic forelock tugging but I had great respect for him, he was a short arse, smaller than me probably 5'6" at most but tough as nails. Amputated his thumb at work, said nothing, wrapped up the stump himself got on his BSA and rode himself to hospital. Returned before the day was out, said crossly he'd been ordered to take the rest of the week off, told us what he expected done in his absence and brushed off all sympathy with "It was my own bloody fault, so let that be a lesson to you, never take your mind off the job and always keep an eye on that effing cutter bar."

It got me too but being younger it only crushed my thumb which recovered.

So there you are mate, you're Wilkins, though you may well have had yourself placed there in your own mind.


What prompted me to write was I've been watching videos, first on the Sopwith Pup, then on the Avro Vulcan and finally the USS Virginia class subs and I'm about to watch a video about a man who built his own sub with an acrylic front viewing dome designed to go as low as 1000ft.

At each point I found myself thinking I'd like to build a model of this and the last in particular I've had many model making ideas about. I know zip about subs but I'd be more than happy to give some of my ideas a trial.

I said, not for the first time, dammit I wished we were neighbours, think of the fun we could have!

    • I'm honoured! - Sarge, Tue Aug 8 17:47
      Actually, I hadn't made that assumption, if I'm honest... Think of the fun we could have, yes, and think of the trouble we'd cause. Our wives would be forever shaking their heads, and mine would be... more
      • New Toad 2A a bit short - mike, Tue Aug 8 21:57
        NewToad 2A It is not a good experience to be an outsider in any school but least of all in a boarding school where one cannot escape ones fellows. Day students, those who lived nearby and weren't... more
        • Good - Sarge, Wed Aug 9 06:10
          New friends for us to meet. Always good... I identify with this; non-sport sort of fellow who walked into a secondary school in a snobbish locale from "outside" and spoke differently from the rest to ... more
          • New Toad 3A - mike, Wed Aug 9 11:32
            New Toad 3A The three friends were sitting on the steps of the Music building waiting for the teachers to arrive. "I heard the louts discussing where they intend to go next" remarked Furlong whose... more
            • Yes - Sarge, Wed Aug 9 17:48
              I am standing there with them in my mind's eye...
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