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It is fatal to stop in mid flow
Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:40

I apologize that the latest entry is so short, I made the - I now realize - FATAL mistake of stopping when I should not have done. Mind you I have a valid excuse, Tammy has just returned to the City - yesterday, Wednesday - and as is usual she gets into a frenzy and to make matters worse I had just got my social security check which is always the day I pay all my bills and go shopping after giving her the rest so she has a pittance to help her last two weeks up there.

Tammy gets all her medical requirements, dental, optical, general, taken care of up there because its cheaper and the services are much better than whats provided here and for that they charge a lot more besides. Had I the same long record of being a New York resident in reduced circumstances, then I too would enjoy the same privilege but alas my long established residence is here in Virginia where I've spent most of my life. Oh well, I'm reasonably hale and hearty so its good enough for me.

This is now an extremely old and flaky computer and not only did I stop for two days but I also made the colossal error of relying on the computer to hold everything in memory. Episode 9 was almost ready to post but to my horror when I sat down this morning I saw that the machine had reset itself and lost what was held onscreen and hadn't performed an auto save. I'm damn lucky this poor little thing still functions, its hard drive is on its last legs.

You know I really resent the fact that you cannot keep these things going ad infinitum. It would cost more to have the hard drive replaced - because its a compact notepad machine - than to buy another one but I cannot get another one like it. Whereas you can keep the old 8 bitters like the Commodore 64 or in my case the Sinclair Spectrum, running forever in emulator form if all else fails.

I had a hell of a job getting a Dell without touch screen which I loathe and with a large hard drive, now they all rely on a computer run via a browser and the cloud so a proper operating system which requires a large hard drive is getting increasingly difficult to find unless you pay for a custom built high powered gaming machine, they always are maxed out.

You'll see that the cheapest machines now are almost always Chrome which is a browser not an operating system. What the companies are trying to pull is to make cell phones and computers run on identical software. So Windows 10 as installed is big icons you have to use via touch screen. It was a pain to retro fit a Windows shell like Windows 7 the last solid version based on Vista about which the least said the better. Eventually I got it looking and working like this one but believe me it took some fiddling and a few days of exasperation until everything was to my liking.

The reason I like this notepad machine so much is because its about the same size as a Spectrum except with the advantages of much faster processor, hard drive, stereo sound and a screen. So since I run all my Speccy software on it, its great to lug about in my little possibles bag, ready to do a bit of Basic any time I feel like it and remember the largest program it can handle is only 48k which is miniscule and if the hard drive died I could probably run it off a USB thumbnail.

I prefer to do all my writing on this little machine and save to a USB thumbnail so it can be transferred from one machine to another. I just have to remember how old and fragile it is and not leave anything to chance.

    • It may be fatal to stop but - mike, Fri Oct 13 17:46
      Fatigue takes its toll. After a couple of hours I'm mentally drained and need to have a similar time asleep to partly recuperate. Also its a damp day, good for peace and quiet, no bloody lawnmowers... more
    • Curses! Foiled again - mike, Thu Oct 12 12:22
      Until a few months ago - nearly a year now I come to think about it - I was finding it almost impossible to sleep through the night. Unpleasant dreams would awaken me enough to send me to the loo,... more
      • Netbooks and sound recording - Alex, Fri Oct 13 07:11
        Hi Mike - just to let you know that I do pop in and see what you're up to from time to time. You made a comment some time ago about about my lack of feedback on your musings - sorry but I don't... more
        • How nice to hear from you Alex - Mike, Fri Oct 13 10:21
          I rather hoped that the message about my dinosaur computer and audio problems might tempt you out from under your rock! I trust that all is well with you and Ali and your various offspring? I regret... more
          • Adding my voice - Sarge, Fri Oct 13 15:21
            Hello, Alex. So very nice to hear from you, and we do hope you and yours are very well.
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