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Herbert the Heroic
Thu Nov 9, 2017 15:11

Just came back from the 2pm walk, we were sitting out at the end of the jetty as usual and I had noticed Herbert sniffing and giving a low growl for the last few days and I said "What is it girl?" because I couldn't see anything.

As we came back to shore, there not thirty feet away stood a young stag, a yearling maybe two years old and Herbert took off after it like a rocket in full 'wait till I get my teeth into YOU!' mode.

I'm full of admiration for her courage, that's a big animal to chase off. Of course it left her in its dust but she gave it her best shot anyway. I'm so proud of her and she pranced home head and tail up, she KNEW she'd been a Good Dog!

    • Herbert the Helpful - mike, Sat Nov 11 21:18
      Another early afternoon walk, yours truly bundled up, its bitter cold for November and the wind is really driving it home. I decide that the jetty is as far as we're going and not even more than a... more
      • Herbert the Hateful! - mike, Thu Nov 16 07:23
        Herbert's got fleas and they're driving her crazy which means she's driving us crazy! All day, all night, scratch,scratch,scratch,nibble,nibble her tails base is almost bald BUT The moment you apply... more
        • Herbert the Guilt-tripping - Sarge, Thu Nov 16 07:59
          How normal is that? I know you don't fall too far for the act; my mother would feel very guilty and not scold or train or medicate any dog that she had that would play that guilt-trip game. "Why... more
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