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Skating on thin ice
Thu Nov 9, 2017 20:23

This wasn't a good time for anybody with a modicum of brains - I mean the 1930's. The more I find out the harder it becomes to imagine that the general population couldn't anticipate the obvious.

Italy's pathetic colonial wars, Britain trying to police the Middle East by air, the dreadful Spanish civil war. Talk about harbingers of doom! I can begin now to understand American reluctance to get embroiled in yet another European war.

Had I been in my twenties in 1930 I think I'd have made a beeline for South America.

    • Several good books... - sarge, Fri Nov 10 06:36
      Henry Adams' "Years of Deadly Peril", Mosley's "On Borrowed Time", and Shirer's "The Nightmare Years". Manchester's second volume on Churchill covers '32-'40 and is very good. Churchill's own... more
      • Re: Several good books... - roger, Fri Nov 10 07:50
        Sarge, Well said and I agree. The accusations concerning groping and sexual no-nos that took place sometimes thirty years ago is in the same category.
        • The Crucible - Sarge, Fri Nov 10 08:07
          It would appear that Hollywood is today's Salem. This time the cry of witch looks like it will go much farther than just to Andover from Salem before this fashionable accusation followed by complete... more
      • I am lacking in my reading - mike, Fri Nov 10 06:48
        I regret to say that I have read none of these. I have always wanted to get my hands on Churchill's books - I think Dad had that set but they're long gone alas. Maybe I might find them online or as... more
        • I'll look... - Sarge, Fri Nov 10 07:25
 the various used book sales and such around here. With patience one can put together a mismatched set for only a few dollars, and sometimes even a matched set in reasonable shape. The print... more
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