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Professor part 36
Fri Nov 10, 2017 06:23

Professor Chapter 36 -
IN WHICH:- karl explains how his predicament of being invited to meet wotan and join in the wild hunt drove him to become a submariner in the hope of driving out his susceptibility to supernatural experiences. tolbert offers a suggestion that there are possibly many worlds existing within our own he compares with an onion.

"Come now Ronnie, give the boy some credit for having the courage to face up to the facts!" said Karl sharply "I have yet to hear him speak at any length about his experiences which he said he originally preferred to attribute to his imagination. Has he even given you an opportunity to speak, Tolbert?" he asked me

"Well yes, he has and I did so enough to provide an explanation for why I was here in the first place and how I chose to approach him." I answered "To be honest though, I didn't expand upon my own story more than necessary because, after all, it was him that I wanted to hear from. Also when Ronnie brought me here I expected to learn more from you.

I don't really have all that much to relate because I have only very recently and somewhat reluctantly been forced to conclude that I should accept these unusual experiences. I mean, hearing and seeing things that others can not, one is taught is either a sign of mental illness or an over active imagination, or else that one is a liar or a charlatan."

"Exactly and the more honest and upright you are, the worse it becomes. In my own example, I thought that the discipline of military life would leave me no time to succumb to these fantasies. The church was no help to me either which came as a disappointment, so at sixteen years of age I joined the Reichsmarine." Karl explained. "However I am moving too quickly, let me say what forced me first to seek help from my pastor.

As a young boy I spent much time wandering the forest and countryside and when not so occupied I spent my time reading all of the fairy tales I could find as well as the old legends of Beowulf and King Arthur of course and the Teutonic Knights. So, how would you have behaved if you were by a lake in the depths of the greenwood and an arm clad in white samite offered to you a sword?

Something similarly unbelievable happened to me when I saw a group of men and women riding through the trees and they approached me and said that I should come with them to join the Wild Hunt and be given warriors weapons by Wotan."

"What did you do?" breathed Tolbert

"What anyone would, I ran for my life and when I could run no more because I was out of breath, I stopped to get back my composure and told myself it was a dream, an illusion, probably caused by reading too much old myths and legends. Reassured I headed home and was almost out of the woods when I heard the sound of a hunting horn and a voice calling 'come back Karl you cannot escape your destiny'.

So when I told my father what had happened he said 'that is a good story Karl' like a fool I inisted it was the truth and was thrashed for lying. My mother told me to go to see the pastor of our church and tell him what I saw, it was an embarassing experience and of no help at all. I should have said that it was a story I had made up because thats what everyone wanted to hear but I could not do that because it would be an untruthful thing to say.

Eventually my mother was worried that I was sickening for something and took me to see a doctor who was quite unconcerned and explained that although I thought I had the experience, it was an hallucination brought on by a high temperature and dehydration caused by the physical exertions. He was very convincing even I believed him perhaps because I wanted to. That was my first experience but there were others which was what drove me to join the Navy and for a while it seemed to do the trick."

"What a strange encounter! I wonder what would have happened had you accepted their invitation?"

"Nothing good Tolbert. There are records of other fellows doing so and disappearing inside the mountains never to be seen again."

"That is in fact a common theme with all such meetings" Ronnie added "The best the intrepid follower can hope for is a fate like that of Rip Van Winkle who returns as an old man to discover that a lot more time has passed than he thought and no one remembers him. Although that is pure fiction written by Washington Irving it is thought to be based on the German folk tale of Peter Klaus. What is most interesting is that this basic story goes back to Ancient Greece and the same theme reoccurs again and again across the world in different times and places."

"Ronnie remains convinced that this repetition of myths and legends strongly suggests there is some truth to them although that has long since been lost or forgotten."

"I'm of that opinion too" agreed Tolbert "though it has to be said that stories, like jokes, tend to travel well and the best are usually altered and embellished to suit the time or the story teller. So its possible that there never was any factual basis to some stories. However, I'm increasingly inclined to give credence to tales of encounters with peoples of another time or place. I'm tentatively considering the possibility that the world we inhabit co-exists with many others almost like the layers of an onion."

    • The last two... - Sarge, Fri Nov 10 07:54
      ...paragraphs also can apply with little modification to the similarities between the monotheistic religions around the world and between the muli-spirit beliefs as well.
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