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Exasperating rubbish
Sat Nov 11, 2017 09:12

As I have mentioned before, there are terms used on the Internet that really irritate me especially when they are parroted by the 'sheeple' because it's a new term they think that makes the user appear up to date and knowing.

I wouldn't object if these terms were necessary, if there hadn't already been a suitable word or words to describe the person, place or thing.

I loathe the term 'BLOG' with a passion, I won't use it, I won't acknowledge it and another such is 'MEME' because there's such a load of utter bilge being spouted by these people who act as though its a wonderful new concept.

A 'meme' is an idea, simple as that. They spin a lot of high falutin' garbage about how it encompasses so much more than 'idea' but thats a downright lie.
I just spotted an episode of SciShow (a series that I generally like) on YouTube entitled 'dank memes' and had to pass a comment on it because that title makes no sense.

'dank' means upleasantly damp or slimy, its often used to describe a dungeon, cellar, neglected building. Bad enough they used it inappropriately (how can you have a damp idea?) they also never mentioned 'dank' at all during the video but waffled on about how some loony proposes that 'memes' are like 'genes' and we, as a species, have evolved to spread memes rather than genes.

Well we're obviously failing at that aren't we? The general lack of original ideas is particularly noticeable on the Internet.

    • Re: Exasperating rubbish - roger, Sun Nov 12 12:56
      Why anyone would want to put an original idea on the internet is beyond me.
      • And then there is... - Sarge, Mon Nov 13 12:52
        ...the annoying tendency to use nouns as verbs, such as "Message" and "Gift". Loving a bit of a delicious irony, I call this linguistic atrocity "verbing". One has to find one's fun where one can. Of ... more
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