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Professor part 38
Sun Nov 12, 2017 07:11

Professor Chapter 38

"Thankyou for taking me to meet your friend, Ronnie, what an interesting chap he is" I said as we drove back

"Yes, he seemed to take a shine to you too I was quite taken aback because he's always friendly and hospitable but he doesn't usually talk about himself and not in such depth to a stranger." Ronnie replied

I got the impression that he was slightly disgruntled at this. So I said "I had hoped he would talk a bit more about those devices of his and what he uses them for because this area is so bleak it's hard to imagine it has ever been inhabited by any numbers enough to provide strong psychic projections."

"Emptiness possesses a power of its own," remarked Ronnie "Look at how religious leaders often arise from uninhabited lands such as deserts. Maybe the silence is necessary for one to hear ones god speaking free from all other distractions."

"Also it's just occurred to me that some of those places that are bleak or desert now, might long ago have been covered in forest and inhabited" I added "I remember reading somewhere that goats are considered disastrous animals to keep on poor land because they can not only crop right down to the root level but will also eat almost anything. They strip the bark off trees which eventually kills the tree and they can eat even thorn bushes and thistles that other herbivores ignore. I've never liked them anyway" I added inconsequentially.

"Here we are back at the hotel" announced Ronnie "and what are your plans now? Are you staying or are you going? I rather hope you are staying because there were a few other things I wanted to show you, or rather I should say people to meet as well as places to visit."

"It all depends on my editor" I replied "but even if he wants me back to follow up some other stories, I shall definitely be returning no matter what. No, on second thoughts, I'd better head back to London. Good jobs are hard to find nowadays and harder to hold onto with all the competition making it an employers market. The longer I'm away the more danger there is of some upstart attempting to replace me. There's no love lost between writers in my field, journalism is a cut throat business." Of course none of this was true, well it was but it didn't apply to me, I needed to get back to make my report and go after the next name on the list.

"That's a pity Tolbert, because there are several important things I needed to explain to you. So I'll have to cut to the chase and give you fair warning. The device that I gave you doesn't reveal so much as it creates. You thought it was used to locate the recently deceased? No, it does the opposite, it brings forth what you are expecting to locate and thus it has the potential to be extremely dangerous to an unsuspecting operator especially if he or she has no control over their mind.

A writer does, or should, know that he is in charge of his imagination. If he uses it to create evil then that is what he does create, quite literally. It doesn't usually happen immediately, it needs the right mind to call it forth from the words of its creator. Well that device works like a radio amplifier does, it gives form and strength to what the person using it is expecting to find. So treat it like a loaded gun with a hair trigger, don't use it casually or leave it lying where someone else, especially an adolescent female, could play with it. They are notoriously vulnerable to chanelling their emotional chaos as poltergeist activities.

I gave it to you because of what you told me you saw at the Pendeen light house. You are looking for stories about wreckers, pirates, smugglers all that Robert Louis Stevenson yo ho ho and a bottle of rum nonsense? You are already sensitized to that, this will help you find more like that. All you need to know is that if it seems to be a threat to you, if you are becoming like them or they seem to be taking on a more solid form, drop the thing at once and get out of wherever you are as fast as possible."

Of course I had no choice but to tell him what I had heard the previous day and how I had dropped it out of surprise and been unable to locate the voices again.

"Ah ha! You had been thinking about what I told you about why the hotel got rid of all the old staff after it changed ownership. That's what brought forth the voices that you heard and had you continued holding the device no doubt you would eventually have seen them as well. It was woven for the purpose of looking into the past events that occurred here.

Take care of yourself Tolbert, I won't see you tomorrow as I'll be working when you come to leave. Glad we met and you'll be back, I'm sure."

I certainly would but first I needed to take stock of what I'd heard and been shown. It was going too fast for my comprehension and I needed to get back to my familiar surroundings and take stock. I couldn't entirely escape the feeling that I might be out of my depth, all I could hope was that the Professor might be able to understand what was going on. Any notion I might have had about revisiting Mrs Harris was now out of the question. I was conscious of the existence of links between her, Ronnie, Karl and quite possibly the wise woman he had encountered. I found myself speculating that the two women might be a projection of a single entity and strangely I felt that Tom cat would be a great comfort if not help to me.

These are all thoughts which are abnormal, utterly removed from my normal self confidence and common sense approach to anything out of the ordinary. It was as if one half of my brain - the normal me - was dispassionately observing that the other half seemed to be disoriented.

I ate dinner early without even noticing what I was having and ordered a pot of tea to be brought up to my room. I needed to unload my memory before it started to fade a bit and lose the details. Getting my thoughts in order took longer than expected.

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