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I'm sure you know about audiobooks
Fri Dec 1, 2017 19:21

Most nights I send myself off to sleep with the laptop playing an audiobook of my choice.

Sherlock Holmes is my most frequent choice because I know the stories so well that I don't mind drifting off and missing bits although I tend to surface briefly throughout the night, listen for a few moments to catch to which part of what story it is before going back to sleep.

Libravox is probably the best source, some sites say they are free but its a con to get you to sign up, ignore them.

I don't like women readers their voices just dont fit my image of the characters since my choice of reading is heavily male biased.

Tonight I'll try The Pickwick Papers. Unfortunately the voice choices are American which dont sound right to me either but it'll have to do. Tammy hopes I'll find The Mystery of Edwin Drood for us to listen to, I'll give it a shot, never read the book so have no idea what to expect.

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